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About Us

      Southern Charm Academy of Etiquette & Protocol is committed to helping our students bring back the "Art of Southern Hospitality."   The Academy offers interactive and informative classes and camps that teach social, business, and dining etiquette using a Christian-based curriculum to children ages 6-12 years of age.  These classes are taught by a trained and certified instructor from the Academy of  Etiquette and Protocol® in Orlando, Florida.   We are able to maintain the student's interest in etiquette skills while offering a multitude of enjoyable activities that teach manners and etiquette.  Children want to return to our classes, and parents are always very pleased with our programs.

       Each class uses a fun environment while instructing each boy and girl and teaching lifelong skills including social manners, the 65 table manners, and other skills that will help develop discipline and self control. Learning manners and social skills help build a child's confidence level and help develop leadership abilities. Children who learn the importance of manners and etiquette early in life, have a greater potential to achieve their lifelong goals.

          Hospitality is still recognized world wide and starts when children are young.   Manners really do matter!  


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