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Reasons to Enroll Your Child


  • To Develop Confidence, Discipline & Leadership Skills

  • To Build Character & Reinforce Essential Life Skills

  • To Learn the Art of Good Manners

Enroll Now!!

Class sizes limited to 12 students

Class size minimum is

6 students.

Classes for Children

Classes are for children age 6-12 years of age and focus on respect, values, confidence and self esteem.  All classes are held in the Southeast Texas area. (Beaumont & vicinity)

Manners 1

(Ages 6-12)
Class Fee - $70 includes 4 Hours of Etiquette Instruction, a Dining Tutorial
Teaching 65 Table Manners, Illustrated Workbook and Award of Completion

Making Friends Easily & Choosing Good Friends
Making Introductions-Speaking with Confidence-Conversational Skills
Telephone Manners-Safety & Strangers-Church and School Manners
Being a Good Friend, Host and Guest-Proper Greetings & Handshakes
Party Manners-Honoring and Obeying Parents & God's Other 9 Rules
Restaurant Manners-Being a Good Sport-Table & Dining Manners
Sibling Relationships-Respectfulness-Utensil Placement
Showing Appreciation & Being Thankful


Each class (Manners 1 & Manners 2)  teaches new material and builds on core manners.  It is recommended to take Manners 1 and then Manners 2 

Enroll in both classes and get a $10 discount at checkout. Enroll siblings and get a 10% discount

Manners 2

(Ages 6-12)
Class Fee - $70 includes 4 Hours of Etiquette Instruction, a Five Course Formal
 Dining Tutorial, a Formal Tea, Illustrated Workbook and Award of Completion

Setting a Formal Place Setting and Table-Eating Most Difficult Foods
American & Continental Eating Styles-Guest Manners in Other Homes
Navigating and Identifying the Place Setting-Showing Respect for Others
Responding to Invitations-Thank You Notes-Greeting Others
Talking with Adults and the Elderly with Ease-Making Formal Introductions
Being Courteous to Others-Proper Tea Manners-Eating a Formal Meal
Patriotic Pride and Flag Etiquette


***Participants with special dietary restrictions may be required to provide their own food.  Your child's health and safety is our priority.

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